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Having spent the majority of his life as a professional tree climber and arborist by trade, as well as spending most of his youth and young adulthood exploring any forest or mountain he came across in search of the next white-tailed deer, hidden trout pond or majestic view, Trav Kuffel has experienced a unique life and brings that same unique perspective and sense of exploration to
his writings and ministries.


A passionate man of God who walks in the prophetic, Trav is committed to exploring the scriptures and life searching for the beautiful perspectives of Christ in every facet as he continues
to dedicate himself to spreading the Word of God through books, blogs, preaching and ministering the gospel inside and outside the church.


Trav is a life-long Christian who, along with his wife Cynthia, spent many years traveling the United States assisting various churches pursue their vision. They now live in Agawam, Ma, raising their five children while they continue to serve as ordained prophets at Redeeming The Time Ministries, teaching and ministering the gospel of Christ.

"...encourages and empowers you to believe that God can and will work through anyone who says "Yes!"
"...testifies that faith is just as powerful today as it was in Apostle Paul's time."
"...reminds us that everything we do is in His power, not ours, but He still co-labors with us to manifest that power here on earth"
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How To Buy

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I am not much of a reader but I could not put this book down. I have been through all sorts of trauma and court hurt and held on to a lot of anger and pain this book the beautiful bride has shown me how to forgive and allow myself to grow as a woman of God. I have personally learned so much from reading this book not only about myself but those who have hurt me I will recommend this book to anyone I know who has been not only church hurt but those who have been hurt by people outside of the church. one thing I learned everyone is fallible and not to have your faith in people but in our father thank you so much for writing this book Trav

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