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Creation is Waiting for You!

“All creation waits and groans for the manifestation of the sons of men.” - Romans 8:19

If you only knew the power of that statement, the depths of the words, it would change your life!

The sons of men defines any human being who walks this planet. This means that no one is an accident. This means that even though poor choices can be made and evil things may be done, there is no one who is exempt from the possibility of forgiveness in Christ and a restoration to the purpose each person was created for. The reality is that the majority of humanity will reject Christ, but that does not change the hope and desire for every person to walk in the fullness of knowing who they are in Christ and how much God truly loves them!

This is what it means to be manifest, that as each person’s eyes are opened to who they truly are in God’s eyes that their very lives would reflect that same truth into everything they do, every person they interact with and everything they touch. When we know who we are in God’s eyes, and the purpose He intentionally created us for, everything we do reflects the power of God within us!

Why does creation wait and groan? Because when God created us, He gave us dominion and authority over all things through obedience to Him! We were deceived into not believing that authority and power, but it is our birthright! Creation needs us to walk in the dominion God gave us because without us being who we were created to be, creation itself cannot be what it was created to be either. We are THAT important to God, that He chose to make us THAT important to the most basic function of creation that creation itself cannot function properly without us knowing and being who we were created to be.

The most amazing aspect of this whole scripture is when it says “ALL of creation.” This does not just mean the rocks, dirt and trees. This is not just the animals in the forest. This is not just the birds of the air or the fish in the sea. When it says ALL of creation, you have to understand the spiritual aspect of that! God is the ONLY uncreated being. This means Heaven waits and groans for you. The angels wait and groan for you. Every blessing waits and groans for you to step into the knowledge and purpose of who you were created to be!

You are far more important to the function and flow of Heaven and Earth than you could possibly comprehend. You are vital! You are important! You have purpose! Your life is intentional!

Now, the ultimate question is, do you believe it? Do you receive it?

Now go live it!!

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