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Prepare for Attack!

People will attack you when you expose the demon that is manipulating them because that demon has become so entwined with that person’s identity that they can’t help but feel personally attacked, when all you are hoping to accomplish is to set them free from the bondage the demon has them living under.

If you are going to operate in spiritual warfare, get ready for rejection and accusation!

The Old Testament prophets were always rejected and killed. The apostles of the early church were rejected and killed. Jesus was rejected and killed.

This is why the prayers of the prophet must always start with, “Search MY heart, oh God, that there be nothing unclean in me.” - Psalm 139:23,24

If you do not start by first submitting your heart to God and allowing Him to purge the uncleanliness, you will leave yourself exposed to attacks, and the accusations will have a place to land and harm.

God is guaranteed to give unpopular assignments to those who are submitted to Him.

Are you ready for your assignment?

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