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Saving the Wounded

I have found that people’s mindsets can get so fixated upon one perspective that they obsess about it until it becomes their identity. To tell them otherwise is taken as a direct offense to the very foundation upon which they have lived their lives and built their personae. Doing so makes them turn on you as though you were their enemy, no matter how much good you do for them.

This applies to racial issues, religious theologies, social statuses, sexuality, gender rights, or any number of other things.

I have also found that when you have been called to shine light upon the lies binding these people to the darkness of the deception they are caught in, the natural human reaction, because their identity is so tightly tied to the lie through deception, is that the people you are trying to help will attack you, much like a wild animal will bite you while you try to remove their leg from a steel trap.

Love is the only solution.

Love for the trapped creature is what will allow you to let yourself withstand the bites as you free them from the trap.

Similarly, love will compel you to continue to shine the light upon the lies, despite how viciously you will be attacked by those bound to the darkness.

It is God’s love that will lead you to ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’ when they attack you and defend their position, not realizing that they are stuck in a trap you have been sent to free them from. It is God’s love that will give you the endurance to sustain the attacks that will come at you as a result of them not understanding the trap of lies that holds them down.

In order to show them God’s love, though, you must first have experienced it.

Pursue God’s love first, and He will empower you with everything you will need to accomplish the goal He assigns you to.

To attempt to fix people before God’s love has first been instilled in you would be abusive and manipulative, and will only cause harm, because you are trying to fix problems in other people’s lives in order to fill a void in your own life, rather than letting God first repair the wounds and voids in your own heart.

If your heart is for the people, it must first be for God!

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