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The Messengers

The phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” comes from the fact that people would rather hate the one who delivers the warning rather than heed the warning and change their behavior.

The messengers will always be hated and attacked. The question is are there still any messengers who will be obedient and deliver the warning, knowing they will inevitably be hated and attacked for doing so, or are we left with only people-pleasers who will dilute God’s Word to selfishly avoid experiencing any controversy?

There is a reason prophets historically lived in isolation, and that is because the people God assigned them to would drive them away every time they brought a warning, and the same is still true today.

The messengers must choose if they love God’s heart for the people more than their own self-preservation. God needs those ones who will speak His heart no matter how much they will get hated and rejected for it.

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