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Warrior, Rise Up!

Warrior, I know you are down right now, but it is time to get back on your feet!

You have fought bravely. You were valiant in the face of an overwhelming adversary and even when everything inside you said to give up, you found resolve to keep standing in the face of your enemy until he was defeated or you had nothing left. Even in defeat, your honor was a great victory!

Warrior, you must get back up!

What you don’t realize is you are not defeated! You simply had to step back to breathe, heal and recoup. Your enemy exalted himself at the sight of you knocked down, but little did he know that on your knees you found your respite. On your knees, you had life breathed into you. On your knees, something was birthed inside of you! On your knees, life came back into your eyes!

Warrior, it’s time to rise!

I see the blood pooled at your feet. I see the sweat pouring down your brow. I hear your labored breathing. I feel your muscles strained. I also feel fresh life coursing through your veins! I feel a fire being kindled in your bones! I feel your heart beat like a war drum to the timing of Heaven! I feel your spirit coursing with strength!

Warrior, rise up!

I hear your enemy’s proclamations over you, but the more he speaks and louder he gets, the more he reveals how terrified he is that you might get back up again. He is screaming in your face, hoping he can get you to quit now because if you get back up, he knows he can’t stand against you any longer! He has used everything to break you down, and if you get back up, he has no more weapons, no more strength! You may be down, but he is desperate for you to stay that way. He knows if you get back up, he has lost.

Warrior, get up!

I hear your breathing settling into a rhythm. I feel the energy coursing through your body. I see your eyes set like stone as you stare down one last time before you face your soon to be vanquished foe. I hear his voice fading from your ears. You are focused now. You are on one knee, sword in hand, the other hand balled up in a fist on the ground, clenched tightly as you wait for the right moment. I see your face slowly start to form an almost imperceptible smile. You know who you are now. You draw in one last calm breath. You push off the ground with your fist and slowly, confidently step back up into the face of your enemy with a new fire in your eyes. I see your enemy take a step back in fear. He knows he cannot defeat you now. The fear he once proclaimed over you now resides in his eyes and you raise your sword up high to strike.

Warrior, rise up!

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